About me

Throughout my varied experiences, I have developed a range of skills that span further, but still inform, my understanding of architecture developed from my studies at Newcastle University and growing as I study my MArch at the Manchester School of Architecture. During my studies I have obtained a deep understanding in the rich material quality of refined high quality materials, a focus I hope to progress further through my professional career. These skills have matured my methodical and dedicated work ethic, both at an educational and professional level.

What I can do for you

I am currently in my 5th Year of Architectural education at The Manchester School of Architecture. I have a passion for materials and their basic form and qualities, using them to create a rigorous architecture that is rich in it’s experience and finish. I look to bring this early knowledge and interest into my architecture, especially in developing my understanding further through my MArch at Manchester.


I have continually involved myself in wider responsibilities to improve the welfare and experience of others, as shown through my active involvement as a representative of the Architect’s Benevolent society and as president of the Newcastle University Architecture society. The year spent as chair was hugely beneficial in my professional development and showed how I am capable of both working in and leading a team to achieve. My committee managed to achieve runners up in both ‘The best departmental society’ and ‘The most improved society’ at the student society awards 2019. This was off the back of our amazing year of progressing the student voice and presence in the school and improving the university experience of our peers.
Throughout my experiences at University, college or elsewhere, I have developed a range of skills that contribute to my professionalism and willingness to work as a team.
  • Dependency – being a dependant member of a team
  • Punctual
  • Team working
  • Leadership