Architectural Portfolio

This is a collection of my architectural projects to date. Included are projects carried out at both Newcastle University where I completed my Ba(Hons) undergraduate in Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture where I am currently studying my MArch and other personal projects. My philosophy derives from the inspiration and heritage values of existing buildings, finding ways to root buildings within their social, cultural and historical setting.
I am currently in my 5th Year of Architectural education at The Manchester School of Architecture. I have a passion for materials and their basic form and qualities, using them to create a rigorous architecture that is rich in it’s experience and finish. I look to bring this early knowledge and interest into my architecture, especially in developing my understanding further through my MArch at Manchester.

Architects Journal Student Prize – Nominee

In 2020 I was nominated by Newcastle University for the AJ Student Prize for my third year project: ‘The Keelmens extension’. This nomination was especially important for me as I have been a collector of the AJ for the past three years, so to see my work published in the journal was a huge honour.

Object | Subject

Year 3 Theory into Practice essay

The want to create through atmospheres is an aspect of design that architect Peter Zumthor has strived to incorporate into his architecture. His words on the ‘Café at a students’ hostel’  resonate throughout my graduation project – ‘Keelmen’s Extension for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning’.
As part of my final year studies, I looked into the ideas of atmosphere created through photography and how this can be translated into an original design proposal. The exploration into such methods informed much of the early work in my third year graduation project, the ideologies of which I continue to have an interest in and wish to pursue further. The document across is my final submission for the study (in which I received a high first class grade), feel free to scroll through the work as it looks at various uses of atmosphere, not only in architecture, but photography and how it is used as a generative media for design.